The following is a checklist and set of information for use when playing Bloodborne. If this is your first time visiting this page please check out the Help section. This checklist was created by using Stephen McNabb's Dark Soul Cheat Sheet code for use with Fextralife's Game Progress Route.

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Playthrough Checklist

1st Floor Sickroom

Hunter's Dream

Central Yharnam

Great Bridge (Optional)

Tomb of Oedon

Cathedral Ward

Old Yharnam (Optional)

Healing Church Workshop (Optional)

Cathedral Ward revisited

Hemwick Charnel Lane (Optional)

Hypogean Gaol (Optional)

Lecture Building 1st Floor (Optional)

Nightmare Frontier (Optional)

Forbidden Woods

Iosefka's Clinic (Rear Entrance) (Optional)

Castle Cainhurst (Optional)


Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

Upper Cathedral Ward (Optional)

Orphanage (Optional)

Lecture Building 2nd Floor

Nightmare of Mensis

Access The Old Hunters

Hunter's Nightmare (The Old Hunters)

Research Hall (The Old Hunters)

Fishing Hamlet (The Old Hunters)

End Game - Hunter's Dream


Hunter's Essence (Acquire all Weapons)

Trick Weapons

Trick Weapons (The Old Hunters DLC)


Firearms (The Old Hunters DLC)

Hunter's Craft (Acquire all Hunter Tools)

Hunter Tools

Hunter Tools (The Old Hunters DLC)

Checklist for all armor pieces by sets

Base game

The Old Hunters DLC

Base game sets

Arianna's Shoes

Ashen Hunter Set

Black Church Set

Bone Ash Set

Cainhurst Set

Charred Hunter Set

Choir Set

Crowfeather Set

Crown of Illusions

Doll Set

Executioner Set

Foreign Set

Gascoigne's Set

Gehrman's Hunter Set

Graveguard Set

Henryk's Hunter Set

Hunter Set

Knight's Set

Madman Set

Mensis Cage

Noble Dress

Shabby Set

Student Set

Tomb Prospector Set

White Church Set

Yahar'Gul Set

Yharnam Hunter Set

The Old Hunters DLC sets

Butcher Set

Brador's Set

Constable Set

Decorative Old Hunter Set

Enlarged Head

Harrowed Set

Maria Hunter Set

Old Hunter Set

Yamamura Set

Chalice Dungeons Checklist

For more info, checkout the Chalice Dungeon summary page.

Pthumeru Chalices

Hintertomb Chalices

Loran Chalices

Isz Chalices


Coldblood Types

Coldblood Dew (1) 350 / (2) 500 / (3) 1000
Thick Coldblood (4) 1200 / (5) 1500 / (6) 1800
Frenzied Coldblood (7) 2000 / (8) 3000 / (9) 5000
Kin Coldblood (10) 8000 / (11) 10,000 / (12) 20,000
Great One Coldblood 40,000
Old Great One Coldblood 50,000
Revered Great One Coldblood 100,000 - Not found in game yet


Is this a guide?

Nope, not really. This is a set of checklists and information that you can use while playing Dark Souls to make sure you don't miss an item, action, conversation or boss. If you need playthroughs then you can click on the links scattered throughout the page to find them in the wiki.

Do I need to follow the playthrough in this exact order?

Bloodborne is not a linear game and has multiple ways of progressing. This is generally the way I like to play through the game, so feel free to follow it if you like or mix it up. You can always jump back and forth and check things off in a different order.

Can I use this for multiple characters?

Yup, use the profile selector and buttons at the top right of the page to setup multiple characters.

How do I help with feedback, corrections, suggestions or additions?

You can post in this Reddit thread or if you know your way about Git/GitHub then fork my repo and submit a pull request.

How does the checklist status get saved?

It gets saved to the local storage in your browser and not to any database or API. So if you are clearing your browser cache make sure not to delete the site data or your checklists will get reset.